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buy Cialis Soft USA Sharing has always been both a rewarding and a humbling experience. When we share what we have with those people in need, we learn to appreciate the blessings we receive and it humbles us in a way. For Cotton Care, we have been creating this feeling for the past 3 years. Our company’s Give Back Program, conceptualized in the later part of 2009, aims to give aid to the less fortunate individuals. It has bridged the gap between donors and the recipients by establishing a platform for giving and receiving. More than just a corporate social responsibility, we consider this program as our own little way to influence other people to participate in a good cause.

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generic Cialis Soft Buy online Sources of the charity items came from different groups of people. Initially, the bulk of the items came from the homemakers doing house clearing and spring cleaning duties. After the onset of the program, there have been variations in the type of donor. Now, donors also include corporate and educational institutions which have done charity drives in their respective organizations. Most of the items given were in considerably good condition. There were also shop owners who have decided to cease operations and eventually contributed brand-new items from their inventory. As of the moment, the total number of items collected is estimated to be – (insert estimated quantity).

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cheap Cialis Soft USA Currently, the recipients of our Give Back Program range from children and elderly homes, centres for migrant workers to foundations for rehabilitated delinquents. We have also contributed to church organizations conducting missionary services to places outside of the country. In addition to this, we have opened our doors to help our nearby countries in the region. Organizations from calamities-stricken countries like the Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, and China were some of our beneficiaries. Other recipient organizations have developed a way to raise funds from the items that were given to them. Excess items from their required quantity were put to good use by applying the concept of a thrift shop. Income generated from the said shops was added to the organization’s existing funds. The funds, little as it may seem, have helped the organizations to purchase the things that they need such as medicines and food items.

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