The Benefits of Sharing Your Blessings

By | Dec. 13, 2013 | 0 Comments
The Benefits of Sharing Your Blessings


Many times in our lives, several circumstances have called us to share a part of ourselves, may it be in the form of an unused clothing, an outdated house decor, or an underutilized yet still-good-to-go toaster. But do you know that the saying “It is in giving that we receive” is absolutely true to all individuals who give heartily? This is because, in one way or another, generosity yields unnoticeable positive effects.

According to Paul Zak, director of the Centre for Neuroeconomics Studies at Claremont Graduate University, sharing results into the release of oxytocin, which proves to be good for the health. This hormone is in charge with relieving stress, enhancing immune function, and fostering trust in human relationships. So get actively involved with charity programs more often and you will see that giving is an effective happy pill which will help you lengthen your lifespan.

Victims of natural calamities, such as earthquakes and typhoons, have the tendency to break down and become hopeless. Hopelessness is a bad sign for it may mean loss of trust and confidence to the world and mankind. If you want to keep these individuals’ faith burning, sharing what you have, no matter how little, will go a long way.

Through generosity, you become less attached to material objects, thus allowing you to give something dear without feeling remorse. You also learn the values of cooperation and sensitivity towards others’ needs, which in a way will help you form better and healthy relationships. Besides, when you feel the world has desert you, giving makes you aware that you are not alone, someone somewhere are facing more difficult situations, thus giving you the strength to push on.

Some people believe that if they do good, good luck will bestow upon them. Although that cannot be scientifically proven, doing good can actually make a person feels good. This feeling can make a person become more open minded to possibilities, less pessimistic and thereafter brings an overall positive change towards personal attitudes and actions. That is perhaps the greatest gift from giving.


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