Cotton Share Extends Help to Yolanda Victims

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The ruins of the super typhoon Yolanda.

The ruins of the super typhoon Yolanda.

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The ruins of the super typhoon Yolanda.

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These 2 kids are all smiles after receiving their relief bags. Thanks Cotton Share!

Thanks Cotton Share!!!

Almost immediately, even though strong winds could still pose a threat, many nations joined the local government in dispatching rescue teams to provide aid to victims and in search for survivors. Millions of people from around the world raised funds, donated food, medical aids and equipment to be sent to the victims.

We, Cotton Share and a few others had the privilege to join the thousands of volunteers in extending support to whoever is in need. After the typhoon Yolanda passed, the team immediately made arrangements for another relief operation at Barangay Caputatan Sur, Medillen of the province of Cebu, just two weeks after we went to earthquake-affected Bohol. This operation was again led by Ms. NN Gamale, who made sure that everything went smoothly for the team and the aid reached the beneficiaries:

Food items were wrapped in clothings donated before the calamity by the customers of Cotton Care, Singapore.

Food items were wrapped in clothings donated before the calamity by the customers of Cotton Care, Singapore.

“Doing all the arrangement was not hard at all but in this particular event, I found it difficult to stretch the budget to purchase the basic relief goods since the prices went double high after the first disaster and some supplies like the instant noodle soup run out of stock in all grocery stores city wide. Necessary adjustments have to be made in the contents of the relief packs, that instead of the usual noodle soup, we replaced it with stir-fry instant noodles; 2 cans of sardines to 1 can; and bath soap instead.”

Despite this, the preparation of the relief goods went well. The team even boasted of their plastic-free technique in packing the items by using shirts as bags for the relief goods. Ms. Gamale said that she got that idea from her fellow environmentalist and believed that doing this was one way of mitigating the disturbance plastics could cause to the environment. Besides, the victims could still make good use of these clothing items.
These items were donated by the customers of Cotton Care, Singapore, and sent to the Philippines before the calamity. The cash used for the purchase of these items also came from the beneficiaries of these donations


Cotton Share team on the move.

Cotton Share team on the move.

The team’s travel to the distribution site, Barangay Caputatan Sur in Medillen, was not that easy. Aside from the loading of the 200 plus shirt bags, the group had to find a way to avoid other typhoon victims who suddenly flock at the sight of relief operation vehicles. “It will be heart-breaking to refuse them and tell them that these goods are for somewhere else,” Ms. Gamale said as she recounted how they made several quick stops in places where there were no people.

Upon arrival at the site, the team immediately proceeded with the distribution of the relief goods. They were assisted by the community leaders who made sure that everyone was accounted for. Overall, the operation turned out well. “The relief operation was a big success. All of the 200 families received something to eat for that day, and that’s something fulfilling.”


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