7.2 Earthquake in Bohol Affects Thousands

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Buy cheap Cialis Soft 7.2 Earthquake in Bohol Affects ThousandsThis is not my first time to do relief operations in calamity-stricken areas. Often, these events unfold parts of my unexplored inner personhood, usually awaken emotions which I opt to hide as much as I can. Mixed feelings of sadness over loss of life and historically celebrated landmarks…annoyed at some greedy-for-popularity-politicians-and-officials…excited to call family and friends and pool anything to help the victims, consumed me as days after the October 15, 2013 earthquake of 7.2 magnitude hit Cebu and Bohol provinces in Central Visayas.

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Cotton Share volunteers ready to go!

Cotton Share volunteers ready to go!

cheap Cialis Soft 20 mg where to Buy online Singapore’s leading company in dry cleaning and laundry services Cotton Care shared the agony of the earthquake victims in the Philippines. Through its Cotton Share, the establishment’s charity arm, it mobilized resources from donors and benefactors to aid the people from the affected areas. Not only that, its own management and staff had personal contributions for the relief operation. Cash and in-kind assistance poured in instantly that in a matter of 2 days, all is set for a real action on field. Together with the dynamic team in Cebu City, Philippines, the relief goods were sorted and packed for 250 families in one of the mostly damaged areas in Bohol, the Sitio Bagtic, Barangay Baang, in a small town of Catigbian, also among the epicenters of the killer earthquake.

Order Cialis Soft Over The Counter Leading the team of amateur in fieldwork yet young and thrill-seeking staff was a fulfilling experience. I can see the passion burning in their hearts as each one do their share of preparing the goods for the victims. Physical exhaustion partnered with time pressure ate up our energies as we load and unload 25 sacks filled with pre-packed relief items until we reached the target community.

Purchase generic Cialis Soft 20 mg At the break of dawn, we were already up and headed to the town of Catigbian, Bohol. On our way there, I can’t helped but be emotional as I see the roads stripped into two, houses were down to the ground and people are busy out there seeking help from any one and every one. We reached our destination safely and met with the evacuees settled in front of the ruins of the parish church. There were 250 families sheltered in 34 tents, squeezing every little space that they got.

Buy Cialis Soft Over The Counter What amazed me is how the evacuation center coordinator, Avelina Gille organized the distribution system for relief goods. She’s no political figure, only an ordinary casual municipal employee who gained the respect of the community as an elder. She had an assistant who kept the master list of all the families affected and rang the bell to signal them to gather around. I saw people coming out of their tents bringing empty sacks. I thought it will be a mess but to my delight, these people found their place quietly as they wait for their turn. As the tent number is called, a representative would approach the truck with the empty sack and claim the relief packs good for all the families occupying the shelter. With that kind of procedure, we managed to finish our work ahead of schedule and with so much ease that we found more time to talk to the victims and play with the children as a way to de-stress them.

generic Cialis Soft Buy While we were preparing to leave the place, I can see rays of gratitude spoken and unspoken as children and adults alike flashed their bright smiles as they wave good bye to us – smiles that promise a hopeful tomorrow to rise up and rebuild their lives…their homes…their land.


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