Hope Despite the Loss: An Earthquake Victim’s Story

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Order cheap Cialis Soft 20 mg Hope Despite the Loss: An Earthquake Victim’s StoryThe Cotton Care staff  held a debriefing session after the distribution of relief goods. The said activity is one great way to provide the earthquake victims an opportunity to vent their emotions by sharing their experiences during and after the 7.2-magnitude earthquake. Some of the people who shared their stories are Benigna Silagan and her daughter, Vic Silagan, residents of Tent # 3 of the vacating area in Barangay Baang, Catigbian, Bohol.

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Benigna Silagan, despite the loss of her home and farm, remains hopeful that her family can get through their present problem.

Buy Cialis Soft Over The Counter Nanay Benigna used to live with her daughter, Vic ; son-in-law; and granchildren in a humble house. They own a small farm which his son-in-law tills to earn a living. But these sweet memories of her simple life shattered when Bohol was shook by a terrifying 7.2-magnitude earthquake. When asked about her whereabouts during the earthquake, tears slowly filled her eyes. “Naa ‘mi sa gawas gatapuk-tapuk sa akong anak ug mga apo atong wala pa galinog. Kita jud ‘mi  sa paghugno sa ang among balay. Kujawan jud kaayu ko ato. Apil sa paghugno sa among balay ang among paglaum sa maajong kinabuhi (I was with my child and grandchildren outside before the earthquake took place. We really saw how our house got destroyed. I was really scared. Together with the destruction of our home is the loss of our hope for a better future).”

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Purchase cheap Cialis Soft 20 mg Aside from losing their home, they also lost their means of living. Their farm, which used to be fertile, is not anymore conducive for cultivation because of the rock segments that have arisen due to the movement of the soil. These heart-breaking circumstances pushed them to move into the tent city established for earthquake victims.

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generic Cialis Soft 20 mg where to Buy online Despite their misfortune, Nanay Benigna remains optimistic because of the relief goods given to them by generous individuals and organizations, the masses she attends every afternoon, and the encouraging words she receives from others.  She also realized something from the earthquake, “Ang importante naa ‘mi tanan sa akong pamilya… buhi. Daku akong pagtuo nga makabangon ‘mi pagusab (What matters is that my family and I are together… alive. I am confident that we can get through this adversity).”

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